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TalkBuildings.com is a building defect diagnosis and repair advice website related to commercial, industrial and residential real estate.

We post detailed in-depth articles, with illustrations and photos, on identifying, testing, repairing and preventing building defects and environmental hazards. We discuss good practice building maintenance and repair techniques to prevent defects and conserve buildings. We also discuss methods for improving building operation and good sustainability practices.

What is a Building Defect? 

A  defect is when a building component is not performing as intended and is in need of attention. When a building fails to function as it should, then you should immediately seek to diagnose the cause of failure and take the necessary steps to rectify the issue.

Defects occur in old and new buildings. Defects in new buildings can be due to in poor design, material selection, workmanship, or non-compliance with Building Code and industry published acceptable tolerances and standard.

Defects in older buildings are more likely to be associated with age, general wear and tear, and inadequate building maintenance. Older buildings should be judged in accordance with accepted Building Code and practices at the time of their construction or last refurbishment.

All buildings are susceptible to defects caused by environmental factors such as fires, hurricanes, flooding and earthquake damage. 

How it Works

We Write. Our administrators are a collection of professional design, engineering and assessment consultants that perform building evaluations daily. We observe and collect vast amount of information on building defects, while also researching, advising and specifying suitable remedial action. We want to share our experience by collating this information into blog articles for our readers and aim to upload a new article each week.

You Read. If you have an issue with a building you own, are purchasing, work-in or are responsible for, then use our search function to see if we have any related articles. Hopefully you will find the information and the answers you are looking and can take the necessary steps to repair or improve your building.

You Ask. If you cannot find a related article to your problem or you have further questions, then please do not hesitate to comment on our site and contact us directly. You may use the comments box found at the Q&A section at the end of each article. If you have a question or suggestion that is not covered by one of our articles, then post questions in our forum or provide suggestions via our contact page. Hopefully our administrators or readers can provide a solution.   

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